29+ Space-Saving Bathroom Organization Ideas

Storage space always seems to be at a premium, and that can be especially true in bathrooms. Whether you are planning a remodel or need ideas for your existing space, these bathroom storage ideas will help you contain the clutter.

Go Vertical

Make good use of wall space by adding shelves to hold toiletries by the vanity or to store clean towels. This is also a great opportunity to show some personality with a few decorative items like small jars or seashells.

Use Baskets

Baskets under open vanities can stash extra paper and toiletries out of the way while keeping them within reach. Baskets for small items on shelves and countertops will keep the bathroom looking tidy and uncluttered.


When planning a bathroom remodel, be sure to include enough cabinets to keep unsightly necessities behind doors. Not remodeling? Pick up a freestanding piece to fill an empty wall with stylish storage.

Shallow Cabinets

If square footage is at a premium, consider adding shallow cabinets on the vanity. Flanking the sink, they will provide much needed space for hiding medicine, toiletries and razors.

Rails and Hooks

Hooks will save space over towel rods but still give you a place to stash damp linens. They are also handy for robes, hairdryers and other frequently used accessories. A simple shelf above a peg rail can serve extra duty as a place for toiletries when counter space is at a premium.


A decorative ladder provides a unique solution for towel or magazine storage in the bathroom, and it will take very little precious floor space.

Maximize Corners

If you have a dead corner, repurpose a plant stand or coat rack to hold small essentials or towels.

Clever Additions

During a remodel, investigate unique solutions like including pull-out cabinets or creating built-in shelves between wall studs. Even existing cabinets can be outfitted with pull-out racks to maximize space.

Organized Chaos

Still need supplies easily accessible on the countertop? Use a decorative tray to corral small items. Pretty cups and bowls can organize jewelry, makeup brushes and small toiletries on the tray.

Buyers like spaces that look new and, well, spacious. A professional bathroom designer will help you update the look of a bathroom, improve the layout to appear more spacious, or even gain space from neighboring rooms. Whatever the goal, a bathroom remodel done well will surely increase the value of your home.