27+ Super Ideas For Diy Organization For Teens Bedrooms Organizing Ideas

From time to time we all want to change things up a bit. Teenage girls and their bedrooms are no exception. Trendy girls teen bedrooms can easily become outdated and when we keep adding in new things, they can also become cluttered and disorganized.

This girls teen bedroom decorating and organizing article offers up some creative tips for giving your teen room a fresh new look without buying new furniture or having to paint.

For little money, you can give your teen bedroom a fresh new focal point, organize your collections of small things as well as clear your surfaces of multiple photo frames and miscellaneous keepsakes. It’s easy to freshen up a girls teen room simply by adding a few new items like a bed in a bag set. A new teen bedding set can give your bedroom a new life and a fresh and lively focal point.

Shop and compare the prices of teen bedding sets that include either comforters or duvet covers. You can find some great deals on girls teen bedding sets but if you don’t want to replace everything, you can simply buy a duvet cover and put it over your existing comforter or duvet. Adding a throw pillow or two is another cost-effective way of bringing some additional color and texture into your teen bedroom.

If you don’t want to paint consider peel and stick wall stickers like polka dots in colors that coordinate with the room.

Creating an organization center on one of your walls is a great way to keep all your important things front and center. You can put notes, pictures, and favorite souvenirs all together on one wall using things like magnetic, dry erase and bulletin boards. Peel and stick chalkboard panels or chalkboard decals (which come in a variety of shapes and sizes) are also a great idea for messages and reminders.

You can further save money by giving some thought as to how you could better use any wall shelves or bookcases you have (instead of buying expensive wall units). Replace some of your books and some of the decorative items on your shelves with colorful bins and baskets. Use the containers to store small collections of things like hair accessories, school supplies, and jewelry.

Need more shelving? Shop eBay or a secondhand store for decorative shelving at a fraction of the retail cost.

If you have an assortment of table top photo frames, take them off the surface of your dresser, nightstand, and shelves; and display a nice collection of individual photo frames on your walls or take the photos out of the frames and add them to one large frame (with multiple photo options) or make your own collage.

Finally, I’d suggest adding a comfy area rug in similar colors to your new teen bedding set. Adding an area rug on top of hardwood, laminate flooring or even a solid colored carpet is a great way to tie together the colors and patterns in your decor accessories. Speaking of decor accessories, you can save a bundle by shopping dollar stores for colorful storage containers that coordinate. Hope you find the above girls teen room ideas helpful in giving your bedroom a fresh new look.