20+ Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas and Makeover

Being the central room in the house, the living room calls for great innovation when it comes to giving it a makeover. This is the first room where visitors to the house or home usually come into contact with. It should therefore look attractive at all times.

When planning a living room makeover, the size of the room should be put into consideration because small rooms need a different approach to the makeover than big ones. A living room makeover constitutes changing the furniture, wall painting or wall paper, wall hangings, floor covering and most of the things in the room.

Color can be used to make a small room look bigger and a large open room smaller. For the large room, cool colors work best to give it a smaller appearance while bright colors are good for the enlargement of a room. For extra effect, a combination of two colors can be used. You need to have one item in the room as your focal point so that you can arrange everything else in the room around this one particular item. It could be a sofa, a large painting or any other piece of furniture. Cramming too many small items into the room will give it aq clumsy look so it is better to stick to a few, large pieces. The floor covering should match the color scheme in the room for a coordinated look. Other things you could add are lamp stands, candle holders, stand-alone cabinets or tables.